The parties of the DAO, being free and self-directed intelligent entities enter into the contract for the mutual benefit of all parties. …

Mimir Solutions is a DAO funding the development and aiding in the management of defi protocols, defi security tools, and general decentralized technologies. The board of Mimir Solutions will consist of vested partners seeking to promote decentralized tech, and project leaders that have successfully completed the Mimir Solutions incubator process.

Step 1: Buy $RULES.

Step 2: Spend $RULES to find trades that meet your criteria.

Step 3: Profit.

Step 4: Spend $RULES to tell us what criteria you want to check.

Step 5: Buy more $RULES from the supply of $RULES spent on the platform.

Step 6: Repeat.

Step 7: Moon lambo yacht.

Business processes have become exceedingly more complex over time. More decisions to make. And those decisions get more complex even faster then they grow in number. This is why many enterprises are adopting rules engines and business process management systems to streamline and automate these decision making processes.

Companies like…

What if smart contracts could make complex conditional decisions?

The most limiting factor in smart contract development is the inability to do complex computations on-chain. This is a technical limitations for several reasons. The time and storage it takes for the code to make those decisions. And on Ethereum at…

A simple experiment in introducing randomness and unexpected behavior into cryptocurrency markets.

When people talk about the free hand of the market what they’re actually referring to is emergent behavior from chaotic systems. But what does that mean, exactly.

The mathematical definition of chaos is when a system is so…

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